Rock retaining wall construction on the Sunshine Coast

When it comes to the construction of a retaining wall you will need complete service, from the planning and design phase through to building. At Rock Style we can come at a time agreeable to you and promise to complete our work safely and efficiently, never cutting corners or sacrificing on workmanship.
In addition to building and erecting a retaining wall for your property on the Sunshine Coast we can offer a range of other services including:

  • Driveway preparation
  • Drainage management
  • Machine hire  

Enjoy the benefits of a retaining wall at your property and call us today for a free quote.

Boulder wall

Stone pitched

At Rock Style we provide a range of options for a retaining wall based on your requirements. Servicing throughout the Sunshine Coast we can construct a stone pitched retaining wall. These walls are the most intricate and labour intensive option but are also the most visually appealing. The rocks are laid in such a way as to present a flat 'face'. They are bedded into concrete with the gaps between the rocks grouted with cement, much like between bricks.

Rock retaining wall on the Sunshine Coast

Dry laid

Dry laid or dry stacked is another fantastic option for our customers on the Sunshine Coast.

This method of retaining wall construction involves the rocks being laid in a similar fashion to the stone pitched walls.

In this case however the rocks are laid without using cement mortar and with no grouting between the rocks. Like stone pitched the face is still flat.

A retaining wall on the Sunshine Coast


When it comes to building your retaining wall we want you to have complete peace of mind and be entirely happy with the finished result.

With the boulder process the rocks are stacked in a more organic way and a flat face is not the effect being looked for.

Speak to us to discuss what option will best work for your needs. Call (07) 5442 2502.