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At Diddillibah-based Rock Style on the Sunshine Coast we are able to create retaining rock walls that meet virtually any design idea that you may want to create for your landscape project.

Read throughout FAQ and browse through the photos in our gallery for inspiration on how concrete retaining walls can make your landscape project a masterpiece!

Our rock walls are especially suited for creating a natural look in your garden. Call us today for a free quote.

One of our rock walls constructed on the Sunshine Coast

What goes into the erection of a rock retaining wall?

The rocks to form the face of the rock wall are put in place using a specially designed rock grab attachment to our excavator. An eye for detail is essential here as this determines the finished effect of the wall.

The rocks are placed with the flattest surface to the front of the wall, and aligned to the desired pitch and/or curve. A filter membrane (geofabric) is placed between the dirt bank and the rocks, and agg. pipe and drainage material are then put down.

What's the difference between a stone pitched, dry laid and boulder wall?

Stone pitched and dry laid walls are erected in a similar manner, with the finished wall having a flat and uniform surface. However the stone pitched wall is bedded into cement and the spaces between and behind the rocks are grouted with cement (similar to the jointing between bricks or blocks). On the other hand, a boulder wall is a more free-form structure with the rocks placed in a more random and natural way.

Do I need council approval to have a rock wall built?

It would be advisable to check with council about your own specific requirements however, generally, a wall under 1.0 metre in height does not require council approval or engineering design. Any wall 1.0 metre or higher requires an engineers certification and council approval. We are able to recommend an engineer or can liaise with one on your behalf if required. Council approvals and requirements, however, are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Can we repair existing rock walls?

Yes, although sometimes it's more economical to just remove the old wall completely and build a new one. A site inspection would obviously be necessary to determine the best course of action.

Will we give you a fixed quote for a rock wall?

We are happy to provide a written quote for any work to be done, using either information gathered at a site inspection or from plans and engineers' drawings. However, sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise during the building of the walls that may necessitate a revision of the price, and often changes are made by owners once they see the work progressing, and this will also obviously mean the final price may need to be adjusted.

What areas do we service?

We are based in Diddillibah, in the Sunshine Coast hinterland and will undertake work throughout the entire Sunshine Coast. We have also done work south to Brisbane and north of Noosa.

Can we utilise rock that is already on the property?

Usually we organise the purchase and delivery of rocks from local quarries. However, there have been occasions when the owner of the property has access to a supply of rocks that they would prefer to use.

This comes down to a case by case situation, and we would need to determine whether the rocks are suitable for use in the wall. If they are not suitable to form the face of the wall, they may still be able to be used as backfill behind the wall.

Can I speak with someone who has used your services in the past?

Absolutely. Just call or email us and we'll put you in touch with some of our past customers.

Do you build anything other than walls?

Yes. We can also build stone steps, rock piers, inlaid wall features, letter boxes, garden beds, etc. We can also do feature walls in homes, both internally and externally.

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